Podcast: Telehealth is the biggest story in IT right now

Gregg Smith, CEO of Remote Care Partners, recently spoke with Douglas Green, publisher of Telemedicine Planet and Telecom Reseller about the changes in healthcare and in telemedicine since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As providers work to deliver as much health care services as possible without coming to the office, Remote Care (with includes telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and interactive messaging) has been pushed to the forefront.  Health care is moving from a hand-on, contact sport, to an IT driven market. “It’s probably the biggest story in IT right now, how do we help healthcare organizations adopt a completely new way of dealing with patients,” says Smith.

In the podcast, Smith outlines the immediate crises of healthcare, an industry with empty waiting rooms, shelter-in-place homebound patients and clinicians, meaning both barriers to the delivery of care and revenue. He also discusses several ways that technology is being used to deal with these problems.

There is also a discussion of the RCP Hub enables the use of in-home patient monitoring devices, without the need for the patient to have an smartphone, know how to pair devices, or even use their own Wi-Fi to connect to their provider’s office. Smith also gave is insight into the complexity of billing for these new services, and how RCP has partners that can handle this task on behalf practices working with RCP.