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Medical Offices: Where is the paradigm shift taking us?

Over the course of the last week to ten days, it has become apparent that medical offices are not likely to return to full waiting rooms with a continual stream of patient traffic anytime soon. Furthermore, as to each practice’s “bottom line”, telehealth visits are helping but are not filling the gap in billings. As

Podcast: Telehealth is the biggest story in IT right now

Gregg Smith, CEO of Remote Care Partners, recently spoke with Douglas Green, publisher of Telemedicine Planet and Telecom Reseller about the changes in healthcare and in telemedicine since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As providers work to deliver as much health care services as possible without coming to the office, Remote Care (with includes

Survey from the AMA show the Remote Patient Monitoring (RMP) and Telehealth services have more than doubled in the last three year.

When digital health tools began to become widely available in 2016, there were many questions from questions from the medical community. While many of the 1,300 physicians that were surveyed were optimistic about the concept, many had basic questions that limited adoption. AMA Digital Health Study, 2019 There concerns and questions fell to four broad

Remote Patient Monitoring–Exploring the Benefits and Challenges

The State of Traditional Healthcare Federal spending on healthcare in the US is approximately 20% of GDP. Chronic disease accounts for approximately 90% of total US healthcare spending. Research shows that chronic diseases costs as much as 3.5 times the cost of other conditions and accounts for approximately 80% of hospital admissions. Our aging population